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New Airbus H125 level D full-flight simulator is now reporting for duty in Helsinki, Finland. Coptersafety’s H125 simulator has now received EASA level D certification as one of the few in the world.

The installation of the H125 Level D Full-Flight Simulator is well on its way. After completing the installation, the evaluation and approval of the EASA compliance authorities will take place.

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Coptersafety started the installation of its next Level D Full-Flight simulator at the end of 2018, and it is estimated to be ready for training at the end of August 2019. The installation work is done in cooperation with the experts from TRU Simulation + Training, which is the provider of all Coptersafety’s new simulators.

At the beginning of July, we did last flight model tests and approved the model on our side. This is a step forward as the majority of tuning is done, and the simulator is where we want it to be at this stage. Now we are aiming towards the qualification process performed by the Traficom; the Finnish CAA,” states Toni Rönnberg, the Head of FSTD at Coptersafety.


There is a significant amount of H125 operators within the aviation market, but simulator training is lagging, compared to the operation of twin-engine helicopters in sectors such as oil and gas, search and rescue, and helicopter emergency medical services.

With a new H125 Level D FFS, Coptersafety can offer training scenarios and operational training for onshore single-engine helicopter operations in the same way that has already been seen in multi-engine helicopter operations. When the training is not limited to a set of emergencies, the training will be more efficient and realistic. Using flight simulators in training also reduces risks associated with high-risk training scenarios, e.g., flight training for a loss of hydraulic power,” stated Mikko Kallio, the head of Training and Development at Coptersafety.

Even though our H125 simulator is expected tobe ready for training at the end of August, the booking is already open through Coptersafety’s website.


Mikko Kallio, Head of Training and Development, Coptersafety Ltd., tel. +358 40 087 65 56,

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Coptersafety is an independent helicopter pilot training provider for commercial, government and private organizations. The company provides simulator training to helicopter pilots around the world at its training facility next to Helsinki Airport. Coptersafety has taken the initiative to genuinely improve pilot training to ensure the safety performance of operators

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