We strive to continue providing first-class training. Quality and safety are our priorities. We welcome you to visit our Coptersafety Training Base and audit the standard of our operations.

In addition to our internal Quality Assurance Program, Coptersafety is regularly audited not only by various Authorities, but also by several NAAs’ and Quality Organizations of our valued customers. These audits are most welcomed because they help us to improve our Safety, Compliance and Quality. The continuous development of the system ensures that it remains effective.

To ensure effective and successful completion of external Inspections and Audits, Coptersafety is happy to provide all needed material, such as manuals and pre-filled checklists, well in advance.


These certificates enable the helicopter operator to ensure that Coptersafety meets the requirements set by EASA. 

For Certificates, please contact info(@)coptersafety.com


For manuals, other information and scheduling of Audits please contact our Head of Safety and Compliance, Mr. Mikko Oksaoja mikko.oksaoja(@)coptersafety.com

To ensure the availability of Coptersafety personnel needed for the Inspections and Audits, we ask that you confirm your dates with us 28 days before.

Thank you for your co-operation – hope to see you soon!

Quality Assurance Program in Coptersafety Oy

Coptersafety Quality Management System (Compliance Monitoring System) reflects the achievement and continuing compliance with applicable Authority requirements together with additional standards specified by the Company (including, but not limited with Operations Manual, Training Manual, Quality Manual, and Safety Management System Manual) and additional standards specified by the competent Authority.

The purpose of the Quality Management System (Compliance Monitoring System) and associated Quality Assurance Program is the monitoring of Coptersafetys’ compliance with the Company quality objectives and adequacy with applicable Authority requirements upon which the approved training organization and simulator approvals are based.

Coptersafety is committed to provide its customers with a superior learning experience and to ensure customer satisfaction by following all applicable regulations and procedures. The compliance with procedures of this and other company manuals, quality standards, safety standards, and regulations is the duty of all personnel.

Our Safety and Compliance department ensures that effective quality assurance is achieved through proactive inspections, monitoring, analysis, auditing and reporting of our projects and services. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring that all contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements are met, and whenever possible, exceeded.