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Dear Customers,

We are happy to announce that on the 18th of May, after the short time of limited operations, Coptersafety is returning to being fully operational. As the governments around the world are starting to loosen up the restrictions, we’re preparing to fully reopen as well. Initially, the business travel restrictions are lifted regarding the Schengen countries. You can find the Finnish Border control info on their SITE.

We’re, however, aware that the fight with the virus worldwide is far from over. And as safety is at the core of our business, we want you to know that we’ll be taking all of the necessary precautions to minimize the risk and to keep our customers and employees protected.

We’re taking an extra measure to follow the World Health Organization’s hygiene guidelines, and throughout cleaning and disinfecting our simulators and facilities daily. We put special effort into our shared areas such as briefing rooms, lounge, and bathrooms.

All of our employees are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus. Even if wearing face masks is not obligatory in Finland, we strongly recommend and encourage it.

We are ready to provide you all of the training types. Please be in touch with our Head of Sales Hannu and our Training Admin Krista for more information about our offers and schedules.

We will keep monitoring the situation worldwide and inform you immediately in case any changes are required.

For more information about Coptersafety safety measures.
Please check also the latest information provided by the Finnish authorities in the links below.

We hope to see you soon again in sunny Helsinki!

Erkka Suvikumpu

Coptersafety CEO

Finnish Government

Finnish Institute for health and welfare

Finnish Border Guard