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Helicopter training service provider Coptersafety has announced a new Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor. Matthew Presnal replaces Chris Schlepers on this position.

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Coptersafety has today announced the appointment of Matthew Presnal as a new Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor. Matt has moved from his past role as a Regulatory Compliance and Engineering Services Manager and is already focusing on his new tasks.

Matthew is a helicopter pilot and flight instructor with over 25 years of global aviation industry experience. From military and commercial production, maintenance, engineering flight test, and in addition HEMS operations in the mountains of Colorado, Matt brings all his expertise to Coptersafety. Finally, thanks to his broad aviation background, he will be able to further the training experience that matches the needs of Coptersafety customers.

“Providing a high-quality training experience is essential for Coptersafety. Our customers operate in some of the most challenging environments every day, and therefore, when they arrive at Coptersafety, our talented professionals are always ready to help those operators train to meet those challenges. As the Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, I look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality of helicopter training to our customers.”

– Matt Presnal commented on his new position. 

Matt is stepping into big shoes left behind by his predecessor Chris Schlepers, who has been playing a vital role at Coptersafety since its very beginnings. Luckily for the company, Chris will still continue to support the helicopter training by helping Coptersafety to further develop and test its simulators. Most importantly, he’ll also keep his position as a part-time Flight Instructor.

“Firstly, I would like to thank Chris for his important role in the development of Coptersafety. He has contributed to this company personally and most importantly inspired others to make a difference. His hard work and dedication were an important part of our team. As he turns the page in his life’s story, we wish him every success in all of his future endeavors, however, we still hope to see him around.

Secondly, I also wish Matt many fruitful days at Coptersafety and as I believe he’s the right person in the right place. In conclusion, I’m sure that with Matt taking over we’ll continue to provide the best possible training opportunities for our clients.”

– said Mikko Kallio, Head of Training at Coptersafety 

Matthew Presnal, New Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at Coptersafety
Matthew Presnal, New Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at Coptersafety

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Matthew Presnal, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor,

Mikko Kallio, Head of Training,

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